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Mission:  To connect Hogan High School alumni on HoganSpartans.com.

Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today
To get through this thing called life. - PRINCE


Vision: To provide a free site for each Hogan High School graduating class (i.e. 1985.hoganspartans.com).

  • To submit photos, please email admin@hoganspartans.com.
  • To join this site as an author, please email admin@hoganspartans.com with your Gmail.
  • To comment on posts, create an account at Disqus.com.
  • To view the latest comments on all class sites, follow disqus.com/home/forum/hoganspartans.

How you can help:

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  • Become a sponsor.  We can show your ad on every page and post on this site, as well as our Facebook Page.
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Disclaimer: This site is NOT affiliated with the Vallejo Unified School District nor Hogan Middle School.

For the official Hogan Middle School website, go to vcusd.org/hogan.

Hogan Senior High School
Admin is the guy in blue kneeling at the far right.


I'm J.F. Perseveranda, Hogan Class of 1985 (the same class as E-40). I am the sole admin of HoganSpartans.com and all its sub-sites. I am also the creator/admin of the Hogan High School Facebook page. You can follow my personal Facebook at facebook.com/jonjo.

I frequently get asked to post events on the page via the Inbox. It can be quite overwhelming. I'm really trying to get off Facebook. My solution is this site. Each post on HoganSpartans.com automatically gets posted to our Facebook Page Hogan.Spartans. Each Hogan graduating class can have at least one representative on this site (Gmail/Google account is required).

To be an author on our main site, you need to be an author for your class site (i.e. YEAR.hoganspartans.com) which I provide for free. You can then share these posts (events) on Facebook, share on email, Twitter, etc. Just within Class of 1985, the majority of our class is not on Facebook. Being out on the web is the best solution. It's accessible by our 'social media' shy classmates.

You already know my contact info: admin@hoganspartans.com.


The following Hogan Spartans are authorized to post to this site:
We'd love to have each Hogan class represented here. Join us! 

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment shouting out your graduating class at Hogan High School. Party like it's 1999!

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