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Pray for Ron Stainer, Hogan Class of 1985

Prayer Warriors: Please pray for Ron Stainer.

In the photo below, Ron and I met Salie Pangelinan in February 5 at Mare Island Brewing Co. It was great catching up. But being our age (we're all Class of 1985), we all opened up about things we were going through.

Ron shared that he had Stage III Melanoma, and would be starting treatment in March.

From cancer.gov, I get this:
Melanoma is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in melanocytes (cells that color the skin). There are different types of cancer that start in the skin. Melanoma can occur anywhere on the skin. Unusual moles, exposure to sunlight, and health history can affect the risk of melanoma.
Fast forward to this morning, I texted him to see how he's doing and to ask when he would start treatment.

Here's part of our text to which he gave approval for me to post:
"I go into Kaiser Oakland Monday to remove lymph nodes, then restart Keytruda treatment.

Not looking for sympathy but could always use the good vibes.

Maybe next week when I'm laid up, I'll tell my story." -- Ron

J.F., Salie & Ron at Mare Island Brewing Co.

I've known Ron since 7th grade. Many of you have known him much longer. I'm sure most folks would agree Ron's a great guy.

So when you go to church tomorrow, or even if not, please say a little prayer for Ron, his battle, and his recovery.

Feel free to leave a note to Ron in the comment box at the bottom.

Thanks. Be safe. Be well.

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