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Hogan Class of 1983: Looking for an '83 contact for our site. Actually, one for each class.

Looking for a contact/blogger for each graduating class at Hogan High School.

Class of 1983: You guys having a 40th Reunion?

Do we have alumni from Class of 1973? Fiftieth reunion. Wow! 30th reunion for Class of 1993. Class of 1998 should have its 25th reunion. 

Some classes already have a Facebook group for internal communication. But if your class needs to reach classmates not on Facebook or social media, HoganSpartans.com can provide you a free website to assist with that.

Just email admin@hoganspartans.com with your Gmail. Yes, you need to have a Gmail account since we're built on Google technology.

Happy Sunday! Be safe. Be well.

Dr. James J. Hogan Senior High School. Remember the Spartans!

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