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Hogan High School Reunion: Class of 1985: Sac's Tasty Hot Dogs

Flashback to 2010 when Christine Heath visited from Georgia

Vallejo, CA: So our Hogan Spartans class will be having an informal meet-up June 1 or 2 at Sac's Tasty Hot Dogs on Springs Rd (not the new Napa location) to meet with John Jaggard.  John will be visiting from Arizona.  He'll let the class know whether it'll be that Saturday or Sunday.  (I'm hoping it'll be Sunday because I just remembered Pista Sa Nayon, Vallejo's annual Filipino Festival, will take place on Saturday June 1).

Photo credit: Christine Heath.  When are you coming back Christine?

Irene Romero-Min, Christine Heath, J.F. Perseveranda. Sac's Tasty Hot Dogs. Vallejo, CA
L to R: Irene Romero-Min, Christine Heath, J.F. Perseveranda. December 2010.

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