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Read Michael Wagaman's story on Stephen Piscotty

Michael Wagaman: Piscotty felt ‘mom was with me’ during his return to A’s

Two days after Gretchen Piscotty died from Lou Gehrig’s disease, her son was back at work for the Oakland Athletics. Full of sadness, but enveloped in love. Read more at Washington Post.
One of the most difficult stories I've ever had to write and at the same time it was very much an honor to sit with him as he talked so eloquently about his mother and his family's ordeal. Michael Wagaman

Stephen Piscotty is cheered as he lines a single to right-center to collect his first hit since the passing of his mother

Michael Wagaman is a sports reporter in the Bay, a Senior Writer for S&B Illustrated and long-time freelance reporter for the Associated Press. He is a Hogan High School alumnus.

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